Why Mod Home Landscaping is Easier Than Ever

Why Mod Home Landscaping is Easier Than Ever

Mod Home Landscaping

Creativity is not limited to artists or musicians. Landscaping is also an art, especially when you’re dealing with a mod home. With spring on the way and summer coming, now is a good time to fix up your home and give it a unique look all your own. Many homeowners are able to transform the look of their house with just a few little landscape changes. Try some of these trendy (and not so trendy) mod home landscaping ideas to spruce things up this season.

Plant Up, Not Out

Every modular homeowner has a unique plot of land. Maybe it is not the greatest for planting lots of things or perhaps it is on the smaller side. Whatever your lawn looks like, planting up is a good alternative to planting out. Vertical gardening is having a renaissance moment in landscaping circles. Hang some potted plants for a different esthetic. Vertical gardens can grow up on a trellis to capture a creative vibe.

Changing Heights

When you get bored with what you’re doing, why not try some variety. Change heights, going vertical in some places and out in others (if possible). Look for flower beds closer to the home for a good border. Openings and doorways are a good place to go higher. Hastas and thyme work well in the pathway up to your home because they are shorter, yet add something to the aesthetic.

Pergolas add a bit of pop with climbing vines or ivy to entryways. With a deck, a trellis may also add some shade to enjoy the outdoors. The more intention you put into your mod home landscaping, the more you will begin to see the fruit of that as the flowers bloom and neighbors and friends comment on how nicely you’ve landscaped your space.

Step it Up

It may not seem like a big deal, but rocks and stone can really add some style to your mod home. Even if it is just some pavers up to the steps or a little rock garden. They are a common trend to line flower beds and bases of trees. A popular trend is also to install a fire pit. This makes the yard feel welcoming and homey. If this is permitted, look into it, even if you have to buy a little gas-lit fire pit, pave around it and make it as nice as you want to invite friends over for a little weenie roast or some s’mores.

No matter what you decide to do, it will add some variety and intrigue to your place. If you live close to others or have lots of lands, it is nice to do some yard work, gets you outside, and gives you a chance to flex some creative muscle while building something nice to enjoy all season long.

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