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Top 5 Forces Driving Popularity of Modular and Manufactured Homes

Housing is skyrocketing, and consumers are considering alternative accommodations to traditional brick-and-mortar homes. Modular and manufactured homes have risen in popularity due to housing shortages across the United States. There are many more reasons why popular manufactured homes are returning. Discover why popular modular homes are seeing their star rise and how to capitalize on the trend.  

Building Costs

Time is money, especially when it comes to building a home. Stick-built homes can take months, even years, to make with customizations, wait times due to shipping delays, labor shortages, weather-related delays, and more. On the other hand, a customized manufactured and modular home can be built in weeks which gets the keys into owners’ hands much quicker than traditional homes. 


The cost of living has increased substantially across all housing markets in the United States, from cities to rural areas. Affordability is critical for many individuals and families looking to save money while not sacrificing quality. Manufactured homes offer excellent, comfortable accommodations close to cities and amenities without going over budget. Since wages are not keeping pace with housing, manufactured and modern homes are looking to close the gap for potential homeowners to afford a place of their own. Investments in popular modular homes can increase equity more than traditional houses in the current market and foreseeable future. 

Manufacturing Process

Construction of modular homes has increased in quality as they shore up processes to keep things streamlined but maintain quality control from start to finish. A controlled environment and assembly-line process can bring well-trained employees into work more quickly and efficiently than site-built home construction models for the industry. Homes are built with strict guidelines and can still be completed sooner than traditional homes.

Modular and Manufactured Homes

Product Savings

Saving money is on everyone’s mind when building a home. Manufactured homes are built so consumers can save money on products, materials, appliances, and interior and exterior design features. Popular modular homes hold value and keep the customer’s cash up front and down the road. 


Building a manufactured home will be more eco-friendly than creating a building from scratch with materials that fill up landfills. Construction and building account for 39% of carbon emissions globally, with 40% or more of construction materials ending up in landfills. Environmentally conscious buyers will find mod homes use less energy, are easier to recycle and also offer tax credits in the meantime as they are recognized as a type of green building

Modular and manufactured homes are rising in popularity each year. Get in on the trend sooner than later to save money, help the environment, and create a safe place to enjoy a home with your family for a long time. 

Green Valley Homes offers a large selection of Modular homes, multi-sectional homes, and pre-owned homes. Our commitment to you is that we will always put your needs first. If you have a specific budget in mind, call us. We will help you iron out the details to get the home you want at a price you can afford.  

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How Our Manufactured Homes Are Made

For over 50 years, Green Valley Homes has been serving Southeastern Ohio, providing many families with high quality and functional Modular and manufactured homes. The friendly staff of Green Valley Homes has the experience in the manufactured home industry and proves their knowledge daily regarding all of our products and services. However, you may be wondering exactly how our manufactured homes are made. Learn how our professional staff and trusting partnered brands build quality housing for our friends and neighbors in the Hocking Hills area. 

Built With Precision 

We understand the importance of homeownership, and with homeownership comes the responsibility of maintaining the home. We believe in providing a home equipped to last years to come with no worries down the road. The team at Green Valley Homes prides ourselves in working with brands who build manufactured homes with precision, where the home is then internally inspected and tested to meet all quality standards and safety regulations. This ensures your family lives in a safe home that has met all of our criteria. 

How Manufactured Homes Are Built

Each of our suppliers has decades of experience in building and providing homes to families, and we are proud to have grown a relationship with such trusted brands. All manufactured homes are built inside a closed facility, allowing the homes to come together in a timely manner with minimal to no weather delays. So, how are manufactured homes built?

Steel I-beam Foundation

No matter where you stand in your new manufactured home, rest assured you are standing on tough, sturdy ground. Each of our manufactured homes is designed with a Steel I-beam within the foundation to provide secure flooring throughout the home.

Tough Lining

Not only is your new manufactured home equipped with a strong foundation, but also comes with a nylon-reinforced vapor barrier. This tough lining is energy efficient and acts as a block to outside temperatures, lowering the price of your utility bills. 

Thick Insulation 

To go along with the nylon-reinforced vapor barrier lowering the price of your cooling and heating systems, a thick insulation is also installed throughout the entire home. Plumbing is also installed within the insulation to protect the piping from extreme weather temperatures.  

Structurally Sound Flooring 

The engineers at TRU Homes have created an interlocking floor deck that works to keep your flooring even and structurally sound. The water-resilient flooring makes for easy maintenance year-round. 

The home consultants at Green Valley Homes truly cares about your home buying experience. Our design team is more than happy to walk you through our each stage of the manufactured home buying process, from selecting a floor plan to choosing the right color scheme, all the way through final services after the sale.

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We have a large selection of Modular homes, single & multi sectional homes, and pre-owned homes. 

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