5 Myths About Building a Modular Home

5 Myths About Building a Modular Home

Everyone comes into the buyer’s market with assumptions. It is easy to think about what a person wants when they are just looking. As soon as they get down to customization chatter, then things shift gears. People have varying ideas on what they like and want to build into their dream home. Modular homes are great, but they are not a good fit for every person looking to build their dream home. Find out why modular homes can be the best purchase you ever make, as long as you don’t buy into preconceived notions that may or may not be true.


Lot Purchase

Most people don’t already own land they want to build on. A modular home builder is a great resource for locating land to build a home on. While slope, orientation, and access are factors for a building, there are other things too, including location and ease of access to schools and work. Balance out where to live versus getting the property you want.



Nobody walks into a bank and asks for a construction loan without getting help from a builder. Construction loans are done through a home builder who draws money from the bank over time. This covers construction costs. The builder will take the money over a series of draws that helps them put finishing touches on the site and build. The final step is having a closing at the bank. The builder will walk through the loan process, along with the bank, to ensure an easier process overall. 


Floor Plans

Building a modular home is challenging but builders make it easy with lots of floor plans to select from. People can add bedrooms, bathrooms, in-law quarters, or other outbuildings. A builder can put together a plan that meets all the needs and meets building codes. A floor plan has to walk with your family through all life’s stages. Consider how many kids will be coming along (or joining the family later) and who may be moving in (in-laws) down the road. If lots of house guests are desired, more rooms may need to be in the floor plan. The layout will shift according to the potential buyer’s needs and desires for the future.



People overestimate costs for modular homes. It is not a standard operating procedure. There are hundreds of floor plans but each is customizable. People can customize a modular home plan or duplicate a floor plan that is desirable. Custom is the standard in mod homes, so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. 

Green Valley Homes offers a large selection of Modular homes, multi-sectional homes, and pre-owned homes. If you have a specific budget in mind, call us. We will help you find the details to get the home you want at an affordable price.

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