Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Mod Home

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Mod Home

spring cleaning

Spring cleaning comes just after the quiet dark of winter, and currently during the widespread quarantine for coronavirus. In some parts of the country and the world, the shift to spring looks different but for most people, it means warmer temperatures gradually appearing, flowers, trees, birds, and other signs of summer’s approach come into view. What also comes to light are all the projects that got left until now to do. Looking around, it can catch you off guard if you’re not prepared. Try these tips to get your mod home in tip-top shape this spring.

Get Those Gutters

Don’t forget about cleaning up those gutters and downspouts. During winter months, they get clogged with leaves, twigs, and debris. It can ice over and cause damage or flooding to occur. Look around the yard and garden areas. Think about ways to take care of the part of the house people overlook just near the roofline and make sure there are no water leaks or broken pieces of spouting. Rain water is abundant in the spring and will need to flow clearly along the edge of your home. 

Lawn and Garden

Walk around the yard as it emerges from under cover of snow and ice. Fertilize if you can and try to keep it looking green and healthy. Mowing season means some exercise behind the push mower and some trimming around the edges with a weedeater. If you don’t have much lawn to worry about, it won’t be an issue. See if you can spruce it up with a few little flower beds or hanging pots on the porch. Planting edged beds along the skirting brightens up the whole property. Find ways to make it look a little homier without putting in too much effort (or money).

Safety Checks

Some of the more overlooked parts of a spring cleaning are the safety checks. Look at the smoke alarms and fire detectors. Check batteries to be sure they are working and have extras on hand for when they stop working properly. Check out the carbon monoxide detectors. Those should be in working order and switched out regularly. Look over the stove, check wires, and look over vents and areas where you might not think need a second look. Wildlife can hang out under porches and decks, making them more unstable if they are gnawing or scratching at them. Keep a fire extinguisher handy in the kitchen.

General Cleaning

Get out the broom and dustpan. Find the mop and sweepers, it’s time to deep clean. Move furniture around, dust and mop all the corners that get left behind in winter. Scrub down the insides of ovens, dust blinds, and run the sinks and drains to make sure they are working and nothing is frozen. Check maintenance records to be sure all filters are switched out and everything is in working order. Repair some window screens, clean the inside, and check any air conditioning units for debris build-up outside. If everything looks great, then that is good news for you and also your neighbors who appreciate you keeping a well-maintained and safety-conscious household

Final Checks

Walk around the property inside and out to be sure you didn’t miss anything. It is always good to look to make sure everything looks good. Winter is hard on properties with the freezing and thawing in some places and wet or rainy season in others. Some general landscaping, maintenance, and upkeep can save you money and time down the road.

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