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Top 5 Forces Driving Popularity of Modular and Manufactured Homes

Housing is skyrocketing, and consumers are considering alternative accommodations to traditional brick-and-mortar homes. Modular and manufactured homes have risen in popularity due to housing shortages across the United States. There are many more reasons why popular manufactured homes are returning. Discover why popular modular homes are seeing their star rise and how to capitalize on the trend.  

Building Costs

Time is money, especially when it comes to building a home. Stick-built homes can take months, even years, to make with customizations, wait times due to shipping delays, labor shortages, weather-related delays, and more. On the other hand, a customized manufactured and modular home can be built in weeks which gets the keys into owners’ hands much quicker than traditional homes. 


The cost of living has increased substantially across all housing markets in the United States, from cities to rural areas. Affordability is critical for many individuals and families looking to save money while not sacrificing quality. Manufactured homes offer excellent, comfortable accommodations close to cities and amenities without going over budget. Since wages are not keeping pace with housing, manufactured and modern homes are looking to close the gap for potential homeowners to afford a place of their own. Investments in popular modular homes can increase equity more than traditional houses in the current market and foreseeable future. 

Manufacturing Process

Construction of modular homes has increased in quality as they shore up processes to keep things streamlined but maintain quality control from start to finish. A controlled environment and assembly-line process can bring well-trained employees into work more quickly and efficiently than site-built home construction models for the industry. Homes are built with strict guidelines and can still be completed sooner than traditional homes.

Modular and Manufactured Homes

Product Savings

Saving money is on everyone’s mind when building a home. Manufactured homes are built so consumers can save money on products, materials, appliances, and interior and exterior design features. Popular modular homes hold value and keep the customer’s cash up front and down the road. 


Building a manufactured home will be more eco-friendly than creating a building from scratch with materials that fill up landfills. Construction and building account for 39% of carbon emissions globally, with 40% or more of construction materials ending up in landfills. Environmentally conscious buyers will find mod homes use less energy, are easier to recycle and also offer tax credits in the meantime as they are recognized as a type of green building

Modular and manufactured homes are rising in popularity each year. Get in on the trend sooner than later to save money, help the environment, and create a safe place to enjoy a home with your family for a long time. 

Green Valley Homes offers a large selection of Modular homes, multi-sectional homes, and pre-owned homes. Our commitment to you is that we will always put your needs first. If you have a specific budget in mind, call us. We will help you iron out the details to get the home you want at a price you can afford.  

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Our Selection of Modular Homes for 2022

Now is a great time to buy modular homes. Each one has a unique design and footprint that rivals any other homes on the market. To check into a modular home, it helps to decide how big, how many rooms, and what features are most important. With so much to choose from, it is difficult to decide but well worth checking out. Find out more about Green Valley Home’s selection of modular homes to decide which one is right for you.

Our Modular Homes Available in 2022

The Graylock

The Graylock is an excellent choice for families that want a lot of space or couples that plan to grow into it. The first thing families look for in most homes is the kitchen and space. Topping out at 2,040 square feet, this model has plenty of room including three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The spacious floor plan allows for guests to roam freely in the open floor plan living and dining rooms while coupling it with elegant home design features. This home comes with an optional basement entry and glamour bath.

The Worthington

Not to be outdone, the Worthington home design features 1,920 square feet of space with three bedrooms and two bathrooms available. The kitchen comes with an elegantly designed island that makes it feel modern and chic. All the space is designed to maximize flow and create a space for couples or families that love open flow and modern features in their home design. Optional custom bath and basement entry are available for this home.

The Valley Modular

The Valley Modular sounds as good as it feels. This modular home has 2,280 square feet of space with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The best feature of this home is the expansive space in the living areas and kitchen. The dining room and living room flow together and create a beautiful space for individuals and families.

The Great Plains

The Great Plains home features 1,493 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The living room is spacious with room for amenities like extra windows. This home features a unique style of living paired with style and sophistication you come to expect from modern modular home living.

The Denali

Come home to the Denali with just under 1,500 square feet of space and three bedrooms with two spacious bathrooms. The living room and dining room open up to a kitchen with an island and lots of natural light. The options are endless with this home that has so much to offer.

Choosing modular homes can be challenging with so many features, amenities, and styles to choose from. The biggest decision is space and then fitting it with the right amenities to fit your family. Green Valley only manufactures the best homes on the market. We will work to help you make the best choice for you that will help you feel at home for years to come.


Green Valley Homes focuses on customer service above all. We help you decide how to navigate the challenge of finding a home. Call us if you are ready to get started today: (740) 385-2434

Our Selection of Single Section Homes for 2021

Families who are looking for budget-friendly housing options are checking out lots of options, including modular homes and single section homes. The reason families love them is apparent. Single section homes come with a small space but lots of room with upscale amenities and features. The cost is lower for these homes because they are made on a lot and moved to a place after, saving lots of costs in the build. Find out more about single section homes and how to know what type is right for you and your family.

American Farmstead

The American Farmstead single section home boasts 1,165 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms it makes the most of with its spacious interior. The home appeals to people and families because it has an open flow floor plan they love. The modern decor has appeal for people who love simple living with beautiful amenities.

The Southwest

The Southwest single section home brings 1,180 square feet of space combined with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. An optional glamour bath can add some space to the home for guests or family members. The design of this home is created with simple charm and chic amenities in mind.

The Nevada 6663X

The Nevada has approximately 1,023 square feet of space with three bedrooms and two bedrooms. This home comes with classic design features families love. The homey feel in addition to the amenities makes people feel right at home the minute they see it. Even with minimalist design, this home appeals to those who look for more low-key aesthetic and old school charm.


This home has 868 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Classic design and simple aesthetic appeal to many people, especially those who are ready to live more sustainably. Due to the smaller size, many people love the open floor plan and feel of this home with plenty of charm and appeal. The Pikeville has some optional features to consider, including a garden tub for the bathroom. With this home, families often enjoy less space that feels more cozy and comfortable.

Green Valley Homes provides lots of options in single section homes for families who want smaller square footage but still have upscale amenities. These designs feature everything from classic to modern aesthetics and provide a space for families to enjoy the company. Our goal is to provide the customers with all the possibilities so they can choose what they want that will make them feel right at home. Going into different types of homes gives you an idea of what is available but often options are there to choose from that can add on to the home including amenities to make it personal. We help people choose the right options to suit their needs.

Green Valley Homes offers a large selection of single section homes, multi-sectional homes, and pre-owned homes. These homes feature lots of amenities with different aesthetics. Call us if you are ready to get started today: (740) 385-2434

Do Modular Homes Retain Their Value?

A modular home costs less than traditional homes but they may also hold value longer. Several factors work in concert to help keep values higher than traditional homes while the initial costs are lower. Modular homes are unique and hot in the current market for this reason. Find out what it is about modular homes that retain their value and how to take advantage of this in the home search.

Less Cost Equals Better Value

Several factors contribute to how cost-effective it is to build a modular home. There are different things to look for in modular homes, and builders, but some key elements may include:

  • Less construction material needed due to it being built in a factory
  • Faster building times
  • Fewer delays
  • Energy efficiency

A well-built home is going to be more energy-efficient and cost less in the long run, which builds value for homeowners. This is a good thing when trying to sell on the market and find the home has held steady while other homes in the area may have lost value due to market fluctuations and shifts in the economy.

Go Mod

While it may seem good to have an energy-efficient home and lower cost initially, there are many misconceptions around all the benefits of going mod. Here are some things to think about:

  • Modular home customization: no two homes are going to look exactly alike. Homeowners who customize floor plans can stand out against other homes in the market. There is always room to do other things to change it up in a modular home if people want to create a unique space
  • Quality control: a home is a large investment. Design the home the way you want. They have to meet building codes but also they have to meet regulations at the factor. A regularly built home will need more repairs than a modular home, making it more appealing and cost-effective for buyers
  • High-quality materials are being used to create homes that cost  less upfront and hold value over time

The benefits of a modular home are unique to this specific type of build. Choosing a home is a huge financial decision. An experienced builder can help people look at all the benefits and costs of building a home, as well as value over time. The best guide is to speak with a professional builder who can outline all the details and help potential homeowners make the right decision for themselves and their families.


Green Valley Homes offers a large selection of Modular homes, multi-sectional homes, and pre-owned homes. We spend a lot of time with potential homeowners to find out what they want and create the home of their dreams. We love to customize your space to meet your requirements. Call us if you are ready to get started today: (740) 385-2434

Common Misconceptions About Custom Modular Homes

Homeowners can be very particular about what they want in their home additions (for good reason). Creating the home of a family’s dream takes a lot of effort and energy, but sometimes dynamics change, families expand and needs change. With these changes come decisions about whether or not to shift towards the expansion of the home’s existing structure or purchase a new home. Learn more about some of the common misconceptions about custom modular homes and how to get past indecision to move forward.

Lot Purchase

A modular home builder is a great resource when it comes to deciding where to build a home. This person can help identify the best place for a new home. Some things to keep in mind are access, orientation, and the slope. Other factors might impact the building process, but a modular home designer is the best first step. Lots are difficult to find in some areas or maybe out of a particular price point. Knowing where to build and the future goals for that home are factors in where to build, among others.


People often restrict their searches for a modular home placement due to financing. During the construction phase, a  home builder can draw money from the bank with a construction loan. This covers ongoing construction costs. This is made to buy the land, then periodically thereafter to cover the costs of ongoing work. Once the final draw is made, a builder does the walk-through of a home to see about all the work being done and complete inspections. Financing is not as big a problem as people imagine, as long as they have good credit and have completed all the paperwork. 

Image Versus Reality

Building a home is a challenging process. The outside of a home and the build is key, but changes may be necessary to make the final product what the homeowner desires. The pictures of the exterior are representations of what they might look like, but people will pick colors and make choices that can change the final home. Everyone can pick out colors and options to make the home unique to that family and help them come up with the home that matches the reality of what’s possible versus what they may see in a catalog or online. 

Building a home is an important financial decision, but also one that people don’t take lightly. They often spend lots of time researching, dreaming, and even drafting the way they want their home to look. As an experienced modular home builder comes alongside the family during the process, they can outline what’s possible and how to create the final product they will be happy with. 


Green Valley Homes understands the process of building a home. It is one that comes with many decisions and choices. We help make it easier by providing the best service and quality for your money. With decades of experience, we bring superb professionalism and attention to your needs from design to completion. We deliver personal service and attention to detail. Call us if you are ready to get started today: (740) 385-2434

Are Modular Homes Heat Efficient?

Purchasing a modular home is a great investment. Homebuyers have the option to choose a floor plan that represents their style at a budget friendly cost, while still receiving a high quality built home. The customization features and advantages of building a modular home are endless! Not to mention, modular home buyers find themselves saving money in the long-run. But, are modular homes heat efficient? 

Strict Construction Code

Chances are you have experienced a drafty house or building. The summer comes with warm days inside, while winter brings chilly drafts. The leaking air results in a higher utility bill, often accompanied with frustration. Because modular homes are built in a controlled facility on site, each unit is constructed to a strict construction code. This means modular home construction ensure less air leakage. These strict construction codes result in a high quality home built to last many years, keeping you comfortable while saving money on utility costs.


When a modular home is under construction, each block has its own floor, walls, and ceiling. Once they are attached to each other, the two walls are connected to joined rooms. This means each room is well-insulated, promising both heat and energy efficiency. Well-constructed insulation is crucial in a high quality home, as this keeps the desired temperature in your home year-round. 

Energy Efficient Home

As mentioned, a heat efficient home is an energy efficient home. And, due to the customizable features modular homes offer, you have the option to make your home even more energy efficient. This can be done by:

  • Investing in Energy Star kitchen appliances 
  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems 
  •  Efficiently insulated windows 

So, are modular homes heat efficient? 

To simplify the answer of if modular homes are heat efficient, yes they are! Due to modular homes being carefully built under strict codes and the option to customize, your modular home is ensured to be both heat and energy efficient. 

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