Laws of Moving a Mobile Home

Laws of Moving a Mobile Home

Getting Started

Mobile homes are not as easy to move as people think but there are some things to keep in mind that might make the process of moving a mobile home go more smoothly. Read for more details on how to transfer a mobile home (lawfully) and safely.

Know the Laws of Moving a Mobile Home

An estimated 22 million people live in manufactured or mod homes. Manufactured homes can be relocated with some efficiency but it helps to know the specifics of laws and property before choosing when, where, and how to move a mobile home. Mobile homes continue to be affordable means of living without blowing the budget. Check out some of the laws to consider when moving a mobile home.

Laws and Regulations

  1. Find a manufactured home mover. Certified professional needs to be vetted to be sure they follow moving laws and standards. Professional movers must be registered with FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). Every state requires registration and permits. Verify them by visiting the state website and searching for their business name.
  2. Obtain a permit. A valid moving permit to carry the mobile home to its new destination is required. Issued by the state or county where you currently reside, permits make sure you’re not avoiding property taxes, liens, or fines. Not sure how to proceed? Start by contacting your county treasurer. Get a certificate from them stating there are no unpaid or overdue taxes and fines. Bring in a title or copy of the property title. Finally, give yourself time because these things don’t happen overnight and you don’t want to be left waiting.
  3. Check local laws. Each state and county has different laws. Rules can dictate the age of the home, materials used in building, and the ultimate location of the home. If the home is over a decade old, there may be additional inspections and paperwork to is required ensure the safety of the residence. Zoning restrictions apply to all mobile homes so don’t try to skirt the laws.


Let’s Roll

Ready to get moving?  After all the above items are handled, it can feel like you are in the clear to get things moving forward. Here are some tips to help you move forward quickly and efficiently.

Contact Appropriate People

Contact a park manager if you live in a manufactured park. Given the written noGiveand sort any deposits and fees. Be sure to disconnect utilities and speak to the right people before moving. Give them a month or two to shut things off. Speak to the commission in your new town to find out about building codes, zoning regulations, and legalities. 

Remove Your Skirt

Manufactured homes have skirting that closes off the open space underneath. This needs to be removed before moving. This can be done yourself or by the moving company but don’t forget to make sure they are aware of this before moving the home so they can be prepared.

Moving Matters

Don’t hesitate to contact Green Valley Homes, a company that is certified to move your mobile home when you are ready. We will help you make sure everything is in order before you go.

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