How to Pick Modular Home Decor

How to Pick Modular Home Decor

Modular Home Decor

Decorating should be easy and fun. Some people enjoy it but others do it out of necessity. Whatever way you lean, you can find some unique ideas for modular home decor if you look around. From color to prints to small home furnishings design blogs and magazines, you are sure to find some inspiration for your modular home to make it your own.

Make Modular Home Decor Fun

Don’t think of decorating as drudgery. Appreciate your new home by putting some beautiful furnishings in it. It won’t happen overnight, but making small efforts now helps the cause later. When you start off, think of what you most want to make look better in your space. Even with limited room, you can create a look you like. Check out the windows, doors, and floors.

What do you want to do to create a more ‘livable’ space for yourself and start there? Think of what colors inspire you and patterns. Final furniture placement and moving things around comes later. First, think about how to have fun and get your space feeling like yours.

Start in the Commons

Wherever the heaviest traffic is, start there. Think about where you use the space most and look at the walls. What do you want to go up on them? What do you want people to notice when they walk in? Regardless of where you start, clip out design ideas and put them up. Look them over and pay attention to what happens when you see them. Start arranging your own accessories. Give yourself some time to live with the design of your modular home decor and begin to look over the space. Also, consider:

  • Clean versus cluttered space
  • Color schemes you like
  • Don’t overbuy: think about what you have room for and what is necessary to make space work for you

Remember, you are dealing with a smaller space so don’t over-design and put in too much. Do just enough to make it your own and add more as needed later.

Make it Flow

Look at your floor plan. If it is open, envision how to keep one room flowing to the next. Use colors and design styles that work together to make the rooms work. If the living and dining room flow, don’t use modern designs that clash with vintage. Think about one aesthetic (shabby chic, mid-century modern) and try to go with all that with some different colors and pieces.

With smaller spaces, things that clash will stand out. Unless that is your aesthetic, then go for it. Do what works for you but try to keep some flow and openness without crowding the space.

Modular home decorating is fun and can liven up your space. Make a plan and start laying out your modular home decor. This will help you get the home into shape and make you feel excited to show it off to friends and family.

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