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Safety Checks for Potential Buyers of Modular Homes

Getting into homeownership is always tricky. There are lots of nuances for buyers of modular homes to look into, from pricing to land, to permits. Before buying a home, it is important to look into what it means to go modular. Safety checks help you decide if buying a mod home is right for you. Don’t just jump into buying a home before you read these important steps.


Modular home permits and safety inspections are different than brick and mortar homes. You will have to submit blueprints of the small prefab homes for approval before construction. Be sure the place you buy from has proper permits and do your own inspections to make sure mechanical, plumbing, and electrical all work wells before signing on the dotted line.

Inspection Time

Most modular homes are not built on site. They are brought in and put on the site after being constructed in the factory. Often they look like regular homes but they are pre-made. Inspections typically happen before they are brought to the final destination. Inspections happen every step of the way to make sure they will withstand all conditions outside. Insulation, plumbing, roofing, and framing are subject to inspection in the factory before ever leaving the premises. Make sure you look into the provider you chose to ask how they do inspections and talk to them about permits. Look over their track record and make sure they have everything done before you finalize the move.

Foundation Approval

You might have to do soil engineering tests and submit them for inspection. You can dream your modular home into existence but you still have to pass inspection. The local building inspector and authorities may inspect the foundation of the home to make sure it meets certain codes. Talk to the homebuilder about grading and get a clear idea of how much money you have to spend.

On-Site Inspection

Today is the day you move your home on-site. Make sure you check all hookups to sewer, power, and water. This inspection makes sure your mod home is structurally sound and meets all the codes. There may be a few more inspections but this is the final space where you get to check things out and make sure all is well. The local authorities are the final arbiter when it comes to making sure everything passes inspection.

Check with the builder prior to going through the motions and make sure you have extra money set aside in case additional changes have to be made. If the home does not pass inspection, you don’t want to be caught in the rain, so to speak. Have some extra money set aside for any ‘extras’ and make sure you talk to the builder all the way through the process. Open communication can avoid many headaches down the line.

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Why Mod Home Landscaping is Easier Than Ever

Creativity is not limited to artists or musicians. Landscaping is also an art, especially when you’re dealing with a mod home. With spring on the way and summer coming, now is a good time to fix up your home and give it a unique look all your own. Many homeowners are able to transform the look of their house with just a few little landscape changes. Try some of these trendy (and not so trendy) mod home landscaping ideas to spruce things up this season.

Plant Up, Not Out

Every modular homeowner has a unique plot of land. Maybe it is not the greatest for planting lots of things or perhaps it is on the smaller side. Whatever your lawn looks like, planting up is a good alternative to planting out. Vertical gardening is having a renaissance moment in landscaping circles. Hang some potted plants for a different esthetic. Vertical gardens can grow up on a trellis to capture a creative vibe.

Changing Heights

When you get bored with what you’re doing, why not try some variety. Change heights, going vertical in some places and out in others (if possible). Look for flower beds closer to the home for a good border. Openings and doorways are a good place to go higher. Hastas and thyme work well in the pathway up to your home because they are shorter, yet add something to the aesthetic.

Pergolas add a bit of pop with climbing vines or ivy to entryways. With a deck, a trellis may also add some shade to enjoy the outdoors. The more intention you put into your mod home landscaping, the more you will begin to see the fruit of that as the flowers bloom and neighbors and friends comment on how nicely you’ve landscaped your space.

Step it Up

It may not seem like a big deal, but rocks and stone can really add some style to your mod home. Even if it is just some pavers up to the steps or a little rock garden. They are a common trend to line flower beds and bases of trees. A popular trend is also to install a fire pit. This makes the yard feel welcoming and homey. If this is permitted, look into it, even if you have to buy a little gas-lit fire pit, pave around it and make it as nice as you want to invite friends over for a little weenie roast or some s’mores.

No matter what you decide to do, it will add some variety and intrigue to your place. If you live close to others or have lots of lands, it is nice to do some yard work, gets you outside, and gives you a chance to flex some creative muscle while building something nice to enjoy all season long.

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5 Myths About Building a Modular Home

Everyone comes into the buyer’s market with assumptions. It is easy to think about what a person wants when they are just looking. As soon as they get down to customization chatter, then things shift gears. People have varying ideas on what they like and want to build into their dream home. Modular homes are great, but they are not a good fit for every person looking to build their dream home. Find out why modular homes can be the best purchase you ever make, as long as you don’t buy into preconceived notions that may or may not be true.


Lot Purchase

Most people don’t already own land they want to build on. A modular home builder is a great resource for locating land to build a home on. While slope, orientation, and access are factors for a building, there are other things too, including location and ease of access to schools and work. Balance out where to live versus getting the property you want.



Nobody walks into a bank and asks for a construction loan without getting help from a builder. Construction loans are done through a home builder who draws money from the bank over time. This covers construction costs. The builder will take the money over a series of draws that helps them put finishing touches on the site and build. The final step is having a closing at the bank. The builder will walk through the loan process, along with the bank, to ensure an easier process overall. 


Floor Plans

Building a modular home is challenging but builders make it easy with lots of floor plans to select from. People can add bedrooms, bathrooms, in-law quarters, or other outbuildings. A builder can put together a plan that meets all the needs and meets building codes. A floor plan has to walk with your family through all life’s stages. Consider how many kids will be coming along (or joining the family later) and who may be moving in (in-laws) down the road. If lots of house guests are desired, more rooms may need to be in the floor plan. The layout will shift according to the potential buyer’s needs and desires for the future.



People overestimate costs for modular homes. It is not a standard operating procedure. There are hundreds of floor plans but each is customizable. People can customize a modular home plan or duplicate a floor plan that is desirable. Custom is the standard in mod homes, so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. 


Green Valley Homes offers a large selection of Modular homes, multi-sectional homes, and pre-owned homes. We walk you through all the details to finalize the home of your dreams. If you are ready to build, we are ready to work with you. Call us if you are ready to get started today: (740) 385-2434

Tips to Spring Clean Your Mod Home

Spring cleaning comes just after the quiet dark of winter, and currently during the widespread quarantine for coronavirus. In some parts of the country and the world, the shift to spring looks different but for most people, it means warmer temperatures gradually appearing, flowers, trees, birds, and other signs of summer’s approach come into view. What also comes to light are all the projects that got left until now to do. Looking around, it can catch you off guard if you’re not prepared. Try these tips to get your mod home in tip-top shape this spring.


Get Those Gutters

Don’t forget about cleaning up those gutters and downspouts. During winter months, they get clogged with leaves, twigs, and debris. It can ice over and cause damage or flooding to occur. Look around the yard and garden areas. Think about ways to take care of the part of the house people overlook just near the roofline and make sure there are no water leaks or broken pieces of spouting. Rain water is abundant in the spring and will need to flow clearly along the edge of your home. 


Lawn and Garden

Walk around the yard as it emerges from under cover of snow and ice. Fertilize if you can and try to keep it looking green and healthy. Mowing season means some exercise behind the push mower and some trimming around the edges with a weedeater. If you don’t have much lawn to worry about, it won’t be an issue. See if you can spruce it up with a few little flower beds or hanging pots on the porch. Planting edged beds along the skirting brightens up the whole property. Find ways to make it look a little homier without putting in too much effort (or money).


Safety Checks

Some of the more overlooked parts of a spring cleaning are the safety checks. Look at the smoke alarms and fire detectors. Check batteries to be sure they are working and have extras on hand for when they stop working properly. Check out the carbon monoxide detectors. Those should be in working order and switched out regularly. Look over the stove, check wires, and look over vents and areas where you might not think need a second look. Wildlife can hang out under porches and decks, making them more unstable if they are gnawing or scratching at them. Keep a fire extinguisher handy in the kitchen.


General Cleaning

Get out the broom and dustpan. Find the mop and sweepers, it’s time to deep clean. Move furniture around, dust and mop all the corners that get left behind in winter. Scrub down the insides of ovens, dust blinds, and run the sinks and drains to make sure they are working and nothing is frozen. Check maintenance records to be sure all filters are switched out and everything is in working order. Repair some window screens, clean the inside, and check any air conditioning units for debris build-up outside. If everything looks great, then that is good news for you and also your neighbors who appreciate you keeping a well-maintained and safety-conscious household


Final Checks

Walk around the property inside and out to be sure you didn’t miss anything. It is always good to look to make sure everything looks good. Winter is hard on properties with the freezing and thawing in some places and wet or rainy season in others. Some general landscaping, maintenance, and upkeep can save you money and time down the road.


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Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Building or buying a home can bring up all kinds of emotions. There is a lot to think about, so it can be exciting and filled with anticipation about what’s next. Take some time to consider some great next steps if you are a first time home buyer.


Money Matters

One of the hardest things about buying a home is setting the budget. It helps to project out what seems reasonable and affordable with the current situation into the next few years. Look ahead and think about what would make the most sense and still maintain a reasonable amount of extra money for savings and an emergency fund to take care of the new home. Additional costs will add up quickly, including inspections and closing costs. Know the market for your area, which helps anticipate costs. 


Set Goals

Building a home takes time and perseverance. It also takes goal setting to know what upgrades and features to put in that are not going to strain the budget. Prioritizing is about knowing what is going to make the home better for the family and increase property values down the road. Some things to consider:

  • Too much customization can cost more money
  • Pick a few features to focus on (lighting, doors, windows)
  • Get prices and stick to the budget


Pick an Agent

One of the most important aspects of house hunting is picking an agent who will help with the process. Purchasing land to build a home is crucial because considerations need to include location, size of the property, and assessed values now and in the future. A great agent will know the landscape and demographics enough to recommend what you can do on your budget and build the home of your dreams. Be sure to get an appraisal of the property and find out all the nuances before moving ahead. 


Get a Lender

Negotiating money issues is critical for the success of the home buying process. Honest, reliable community members who get great reviews from family and friends are more likely to help you find the best deal than picking someone out of the phone book, so to speak. Look around, ask people who are good, and check their background in lending money for first time home buyers. 


Green Valley Homes offers a large selection of Modular homes, multi-sectional homes, and pre-owned homes. Our trained service staff is here to support your needs from start to finish. With an excellent, professional staff, we sit down with you to talk about your hopes, dreams, and goals with the home building process. We will help you select the right home for you and your family while also delivering personal service and attention to detail you desire.. Call us if you are ready to get started today: (740) 385-2434

Increase Your Modular Home’s Curb Appeal

When looking at ways to make a modular home nice, something called ‘curb appeal,’ there is more to it than adding value. The outside appeal of a home comes from thinking through how to create a look that improves a home’s aesthetic but also makes it sellable to someone who is perusing the market in search of a home. Learn more about how curb appeal is important to a home sale and what to do to increase the curb appeal for better sale value.

Light it Up

Often people overlook the outside lighting of their home when it comes to curb appeal. Stylish lighting provides function but also gives off a certain look. A warm, cozy feeling can be inviting while a cold, less inviting feeling may put people off. Invest in just a few lanterns or lights to give the feel of a soft space, rather than a cold one that seems dark or uninteresting. 

Decorate the Outside

Furnishings are not just for the interior of a home. Exterior decorating is a real art form. The outside space is not just a go-between or ‘transitional space’ between outside and inside the home. To increase curb appeal means looking at how inviting it is to others and creating a more pleasant look and feel to the home as the first impression to potential buyers. Some key tips:

  • Buy outdoor furniture and decorations for the porch
  • Add some greenery if it is warm enough (small planter or hanging greens)
  • Make sure lights on the porch work
  • Add fixtures or fix wonky or broken ones for a better overall aesthetic

Remember, the exterior of a home is a preview to the interior space. Don’t neglect some attention to these little details that add curb appeal.


A simple, easy way to keep curb appeal up is to maintain the exterior lawn and space. Homeowners may neglect to see sore spots that are just the usual for them. It helps to clean gutters and cars. Every few weeks, make sure the porch and sidewalk are swept and kept clean. Make sure bushes are trimmed and clutter is stored away. Don’t pile things up on the outside of the home like garbage or recycling. Keep it as clean as if nobody was living there (at least the look of it). 

Remember Color

Brains like the balance but also splashes of color. Think of it as a little jolt to the brain when some color pops out while driving by a home or coming up to have a look. Adding random pops of color in the shutters, on the door, or elsewhere, can really add interesting curb appeal to people who have probably seen a lot of neutral colors in their search. Good places to do this other than the shutters and door may include the mailbox, house numbers, or even the siding of the house. 

Spending time in thought about how the home looks to others is hard but quality real estate professionals will help advise on the best way to do it. Homebuilders are also great at advising what people are looking for in the current market so if people want to make changes, they are current and on-trend with people are looking for in the marketplace.


Green Valley Homes offers a large selection of Modular homes, multi-sectional homes, and pre-owned homes. Our goal is to help you create the best home possible with all the little details you desire to call it your own. We are excited to pair you with our professional staff to help you create the home you desire at any price point. Call us if you are ready to get started today: (740) 385-2434

Do Modular Homes Retain Their Value?

A modular home costs less than traditional homes but they may also hold value longer. Several factors work in concert to help keep values higher than traditional homes while the initial costs are lower. Modular homes are unique and hot in the current market for this reason. Find out what it is about modular homes that retain their value and how to take advantage of this in the home search.

Less Cost Equals Better Value

Several factors contribute to how cost-effective it is to build a modular home. There are different things to look for in modular homes, and builders, but some key elements may include:

  • Less construction material needed due to it being built in a factory
  • Faster building times
  • Fewer delays
  • Energy efficiency

A well-built home is going to be more energy-efficient and cost less in the long run, which builds value for homeowners. This is a good thing when trying to sell on the market and find the home has held steady while other homes in the area may have lost value due to market fluctuations and shifts in the economy.

Go Mod

While it may seem good to have an energy-efficient home and lower cost initially, there are many misconceptions around all the benefits of going mod. Here are some things to think about:

  • Modular home customization: no two homes are going to look exactly alike. Homeowners who customize floor plans can stand out against other homes in the market. There is always room to do other things to change it up in a modular home if people want to create a unique space
  • Quality control: a home is a large investment. Design the home the way you want. They have to meet building codes but also they have to meet regulations at the factor. A regularly built home will need more repairs than a modular home, making it more appealing and cost-effective for buyers
  • High-quality materials are being used to create homes that cost  less upfront and hold value over time

The benefits of a modular home are unique to this specific type of build. Choosing a home is a huge financial decision. An experienced builder can help people look at all the benefits and costs of building a home, as well as value over time. The best guide is to speak with a professional builder who can outline all the details and help potential homeowners make the right decision for themselves and their families.


Green Valley Homes offers a large selection of Modular homes, multi-sectional homes, and pre-owned homes. We spend a lot of time with potential homeowners to find out what they want and create the home of their dreams. We love to customize your space to meet your requirements. Call us if you are ready to get started today: (740) 385-2434

Common Misconceptions About Custom Modular Homes

Homeowners can be very particular about what they want in their home additions (for good reason). Creating the home of a family’s dream takes a lot of effort and energy, but sometimes dynamics change, families expand and needs change. With these changes come decisions about whether or not to shift towards the expansion of the home’s existing structure or purchase a new home. Learn more about some of the common misconceptions about custom modular homes and how to get past indecision to move forward.

Lot Purchase

A modular home builder is a great resource when it comes to deciding where to build a home. This person can help identify the best place for a new home. Some things to keep in mind are access, orientation, and the slope. Other factors might impact the building process, but a modular home designer is the best first step. Lots are difficult to find in some areas or maybe out of a particular price point. Knowing where to build and the future goals for that home are factors in where to build, among others.


People often restrict their searches for a modular home placement due to financing. During the construction phase, a  home builder can draw money from the bank with a construction loan. This covers ongoing construction costs. This is made to buy the land, then periodically thereafter to cover the costs of ongoing work. Once the final draw is made, a builder does the walk-through of a home to see about all the work being done and complete inspections. Financing is not as big a problem as people imagine, as long as they have good credit and have completed all the paperwork. 

Image Versus Reality

Building a home is a challenging process. The outside of a home and the build is key, but changes may be necessary to make the final product what the homeowner desires. The pictures of the exterior are representations of what they might look like, but people will pick colors and make choices that can change the final home. Everyone can pick out colors and options to make the home unique to that family and help them come up with the home that matches the reality of what’s possible versus what they may see in a catalog or online. 

Building a home is an important financial decision, but also one that people don’t take lightly. They often spend lots of time researching, dreaming, and even drafting the way they want their home to look. As an experienced modular home builder comes alongside the family during the process, they can outline what’s possible and how to create the final product they will be happy with. 


Green Valley Homes understands the process of building a home. It is one that comes with many decisions and choices. We help make it easier by providing the best service and quality for your money. With decades of experience, we bring superb professionalism and attention to your needs from design to completion. We deliver personal service and attention to detail. Call us if you are ready to get started today: (740) 385-2434

Are Modular Homes Heat Efficient?

Purchasing a modular home is a great investment. Homebuyers have the option to choose a floor plan that represents their style at a budget friendly cost, while still receiving a high quality built home. The customization features and advantages of building a modular home are endless! Not to mention, modular home buyers find themselves saving money in the long-run. But, are modular homes heat efficient? 

Strict Construction Code

Chances are you have experienced a drafty house or building. The summer comes with warm days inside, while winter brings chilly drafts. The leaking air results in a higher utility bill, often accompanied with frustration. Because modular homes are built in a controlled facility on site, each unit is constructed to a strict construction code. This means modular home construction ensure less air leakage. These strict construction codes result in a high quality home built to last many years, keeping you comfortable while saving money on utility costs.


When a modular home is under construction, each block has its own floor, walls, and ceiling. Once they are attached to each other, the two walls are connected to joined rooms. This means each room is well-insulated, promising both heat and energy efficiency. Well-constructed insulation is crucial in a high quality home, as this keeps the desired temperature in your home year-round. 

Energy Efficient Home

As mentioned, a heat efficient home is an energy efficient home. And, due to the customizable features modular homes offer, you have the option to make your home even more energy efficient. This can be done by:

  • Investing in Energy Star kitchen appliances 
  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems 
  •  Efficiently insulated windows 

So, are modular homes heat efficient? 

To simplify the answer of if modular homes are heat efficient, yes they are! Due to modular homes being carefully built under strict codes and the option to customize, your modular home is ensured to be both heat and energy efficient. 

Are you interested in learning more?

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 Advantages of Ranch Style Modular Homes

Congratulations! You have made the decision to purchase a ranch style modular home for the next chapter in your life. If you are still considering purchasing a modular home, there are a number of advantages to keep in mind. Modular homes are perfect for individuals who crave homeownership in a timely and affordable manner. The lower cost with the same high quality construction, along with reduced building time, grabs the eye of interested modular home buyers. 

When exploring modular home floor plans, you may come across ranch style models. A ranch style modular home comes with many advantages, and is suitable for growing families seeking their forever home. 

Save Money on Building Costs

If you are an interested homeowner but prefer a budget friendly option, consider purchasing a modular home. When building a ranch style modular home, your home is crafted in a climate controlled facility allowing the construction process to be completed in a timely manner. This also means a lower cost. Did you know a single staircase in an on-site home build costs an average of $4,000? This is a great option for those seeking homeownership without the hefty price tag. 

Customization Options

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of building a modular home is the option to customize the home to your liking. This is the time to take advantage of owning a home, and having the space truly reflect who you are. If you love a specific floor plan but crave more space, consider adding an addition to the layout. Or, remove a spare room to increase the living room size for entertainment. The possibilities are endless!

Accessibility for All

One advantage of building a ranch style modular home is the accessibility for friends and family. Modular home floor plans tend to be more open and spacious, making it easy for those with mobility issues to move around freely. This allows families to stay in their home for years to come without worry of stairs or dividers. 


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