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Adventure Homes

The decision to buy a home is very personal. Each person or family is going to have their unique style, desires, and budget. The excitement to get into a new home can take a backseat to realize how much goes into finding the right vendor to take care of all those needs in a timely fashion. More families are looking to vendors like Adventure Homes who offer a variety of choices at various price points, including amenities, to offer just the perfect home for them. 

At Green Valley Homes, we don’t just trust anybody. We build partnerships with respected vendors who make high-quality products and excel in customer service. Check out our premier vendor, Adventure Homes, to find out how they pursue service excellence.

The Adventure Homes Way

The journey for Adventure Homes began in 2009 when partners Wally Comer, Walt Fuller, and Jerry Henry purchased the old Fleetwood Enterprises facility to invest in their new company, Adventure Homes. With enough staff to produce the highest quality Adventure mobile homes, they continued to build on the success to become Manufacturer of the Year (7 years running) in 2022. This comes as a result of supporting staff to build the best products and put safety first. The motto at Adventure Homes is ‘Luxury and Comfort for Less,’ without compromising quality.

The Worthington Modular Home

Quality Over Quantity

Even when the housing market is booming, Adventure Homes still strives to put quality over quantity when it comes to creating homes. The company is locally owned and operated by a management team that has over a decade of experience. They keep their home prices affordable so families in all price points can find something they will love for decades to come. Adventure Homes focuses on the philosophy of quality and comfort while not compromising on cost or uniqueness. Every home has intricate details that make it unique with design features that match the customer’s desires and needs.

Unique Floor Plans

Adventure Homes offers floor plans that allow customers flexibility and control over the end product. Each floor plan is customizable to the desires of the customer. Also on offer are decor selections and construction designs not found anywhere else.

Come home to a customized home styled to customer’s satisfaction with 2-bed to 4-bed options ranging from 747 sq ft up to 1600 sq ft, including an optional basement in larger models. Includes standard features, foam all exterior windows, factory select interiors like lighting and floor plans and has high-quality appliances along with HUD-approved specs across the series

Adventure Homes Mojave Series is famous for its commitment to elegance and precision across the designs. Award-winning for interior designs, the Mojave Series offers 3 bed up to 5-bed options, up to 2280 square feet. Optional basement and outdoor lounge and family room are some of the exceptional add-ons customers can select with this series

This series offers 3-bed to 5-bed options up to 2280 sq ft of room for customers who desire more space to live and entertain guests. Comes with options to add on a basement, glamor bath, and computer room, and choose from many options of classic interior designs to customize the home. Customers love the timeless design and quality of choosing the Sahara Modular home series for their new home

About Adventure Homes

Adventure Homes That Last

The name says it all when it comes to high standards of quality. Adventure Homes pushes the boundaries on what it means to develop homes that withstand the test of time. Builders work hard to design affordable homes that are dependable and efficient. Every step of the way, Adventure Homes are carefully designed, created, and manufactured to ensure the safety and reliability of the product. Reputation is very important to them, which is why Green Valley Homes recommends this vendor’s line of homes.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers report a family atmosphere when dealing with Adventure Homes and feel confident they achieve their desired outcome for the home of their choice. Affordability and quality are high in customer reviews. They choose Adventure Homes because they love the assurance they will get what they pay for with extra bonuses like high-quality products and management from start to finish


Green Valley Home trusts Adventure Homes because their quality lies in the details. They work with experts to design a home’s features to fit customers’ specific needs. They work closely to ensure the home reflects the lifestyle and personality of the customer. From the Sahara State Code Mod series to Mojave manufactured homes, they make sure to bring their best to each product from design to installation and final inspection. 

We trust this brand and product because we have seen the results. Customers have walked away feeling fully satisfied they have the house of their dreams. Every step of the way, we are confident Adventure Homes can deliver on their promises to create a home people will love at a price they can afford. 

 Green Valley Homes is ready to help you find the home of your dreams. If you are looking at modular homes but are wondering about prices, fixtures, and design features, look no further. We have just what you need. Call us today to find out more or to get started on building the home of your dreams: (740) 385-2434

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